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Play All Day Doggy Daycare

Testimonials & reviews

Robert Ouellette
We used to take our dog to another day care. She had been going at least once a week for two years. Recently we started to receive reports upon pick up about her being a handful and full of energy. They kept suggesting we needed training. She clearly was under stress as the last few times she went she did not want to go in and upon entering the hair on her back would stand up. We realized she was being caged during the day and as she was a rescue and did not like being caged and we dropped her off to play and get some of her energy out we decided it was time for a change. A coworker suggested play all day. I dropped her off the first morning and was warmly greeted. Upon picking her up we received a glowing report and she slept all the way home. After only two visits she was recognized by name today. We couldn’t be more happy with the daycare and treatment of our pooch. She starts to get excited the minute we pull in. She goes in without any issue and come home tuckered out after playing all day cage free!

Ross Miller
Pebbles stayed for a week. We were nervous because she has had separation anxiety and 1 1/2 ago when she was surrendered to a shelter it had to do with bad behavior with other dogs. With training, PAD (Hampton) has been great for her on weekly visits. Thanks to PAD Exeter Portsmouth and Hampton her visit was a fantastic success. She slept and ate to a regular schedule because they set her up for success. What we especially loved is that over the course of the week you could see in the pictures that Pebbles grew more and more comfortable in the pack.

Every day we go for walks on our local beach, where Pebbles has a laser focus on ball catching. Usually she whimpers when she sees an other dog approaching because it threatens her catch time. But this week for the first time in 1 1/2 years she ran circles, playing with an other dog. The pride in her prancing when she came back to play ball again was heart warming. “Look daddy, I learned social skills at Play All Day!”

Meredith Thibodeau
Absolutely amazing staff!! Had some negative experiences at a different facility which caused Lily to become reactive and defensive. We started avoiding other dogs at all cost to minimize stress. From the moment Lily walked through the door she seemed happy and relaxed. The staff take the time to know the dogs and place them in similar groupings. We, and Lily, couldn’t be happier! She begs at the door every morning to go play! We have boarded her as well, completely confident that she’ll be happy and well taken care of, and we’ve never been let down! Always a fun, positive experience for dog and owners alike! Keep up the great work doing what you do!

Brooke Hoyt
My two babies went for their first long weekend with daycare and boarding. I work down the street and always want to bring them, but one of my pups can be a little mouthy when she’s overwhelmed so we get nervous bringing her to new places. The amazing staff there really paid attention to their needs and gave us a full report when we picked them up. They’re currently snoozing at home, completely exhausted and so happy. Thank you, PAD! We will be back!!

Pat Boyd-Robertson
Katz loves school – when we tell her it’s time to go to school, she stops what she’s doing, goes to the front door and once outside, runs to the car to jump in so that she can get there asap! I love it cause she comes home happy and exhausted!

Kristie M. Shaw
Cocoa loves day care, there’s no other place I’d want her to be! Thank you to the amazing staff for taking such good care of her!

Kyra Lee
Love this place. Brewer always comes home so tired and he gets so excited whenever we pull in the parking lot of PAD. Also the staff are incredibly friendly and really care about the dogs. Can’t wait for picture day!! thanks guys for being awesome and taking such good care of little Brewer.

Caroline Collin
My dogs love this place. The staff knows us by name and is always thrilled to see our furry family members. Unlike some other, larger doggy day care places, I feel like they know us and our dogs and are always glad to see us!

Stephanie Parron
We love Play All Day. My dog can’t wait to get out of the car when we pull in! And when she comes home, she’s tired out (which is what we want!) We have boarded here multiple times, for short and long stays and our dog has come back happy and healthy. The staff is great, they know our dog and are happy to see her come through the door. You can tell they genuinely care about all the dogs in their care.

Liz Errico
I can’t say enough great things about Play All Day Exeter! Our puppy was on the shy side when she first started going and now she literally runs for the door with excitement! She comes back home tired (thank goodness!!), clean and happy. Thanks for all you guys do for our Targhee!!!

Peggy Pettengill
My dogs never even look back to say goodbye, do I need to say anything more. They love it there!!!

Keri MacLennan
Our energetic boxer loves day care and has boarded here several times. They staff has all been wonderful and Ax is well taken care of. Love that they take the time to post pictures daily too.

Becky Lessard
Play All Day is a fantastic business and home-away-from-home for our two dogs. One dog is big, the other is small — they each have a wonderful time here. The staff know and care about our dogs and take exceptional care of them. When we pick up them up from daycare or boarding, the staff – before we can even ask – tell us how everything went and how the dogs did. I recommend Play All Day to everyone.

Jennifer Cornell
This place is the best! They are so friendly, and they truly love your dog! They pay attention to all of the important details. When you walk in the door, they are excited to see you and they know exactly who you are picking up to take home from the daycare. They have a wonderful personal touch, they love what they do, and it shows! They impress me because they take the time to know all of the traits and behaviors of your dog. I’m a very picky dog mom, and this place is great for us! I’d recommend them to everyone. My pug loves it here!

Katie Coppola
I can’t say enough amazing things about this place! We have been other play cares but this is the only one where Boh gets excited as we drive up and comes home and falls asleep in the car. Staff always remembers him it is just fantastic! Clients for life.

Courtney Boyce
Customer service is extremely important to me, especially when it comes to caring for my family members, and that is why my English Bulldog puppy, Oswald, is going to PAD Exeter on a regular basis now. From day one they were great, even on a personal level. When I picked him up from his first day there they had a “first day report card” all filled out! Stating who his “best friends” were and how he adapted to his surroundings. It was so cute I wanted to cry!!!! He’s my baby and I have no doubt in my mind and no worries at all when I drop him off here in the morning.

I know during the day that he is cared for and loved and having the time of his life with his doggy friends and the supervisors. Even better, they take tons of pictures of the dogs everyday and post them on the Facebook page!! I’m at work constantly checking to see if they’ve posted more pictures… makes me a happy dog mommy!! 🙂 and when I pick him up later on he is SO TIRED! I know he had a blast all day long.

Oh and one more thing, they are TOTALLY on top of things when it comes to the dogs being up to date with their shots. It took me a month for them to let Oswald in because he needed a few more shots, but my vet would only do so many at a time within a 2 weeks span. And there were NO exceptions with this daycare. Which I’m appreciative of!!!!! They always make sure that all of these dogs are safe and aren’t at any risk whatsoever.

I could go on and on with great things to say about this place, their hours are super easy to work around. Even on Sundays. AND everybody there is so nice!

I never usually write reviews for places but I am so impressed I couldn’t let this be unheard.

Thank you all at PAD for taking care of my little wrinkly guy!!!

Maren Forsyth
My lab puppy Rico loves going to Play All Day! He comes home exhausted from running around and playing all day. Staff is very friendly and accommodating. I would recommend for anyone who wants their pup to have fun while they’re away!

Alexa St. Laurent
This place is absolutely amazing! They take such good care of the dogs and they always seem to have such a fun time. I also love the fact that they take pictures so you can see what your dog is doing all day. I wouldn’t take my little bruin anywhere else!

Lisa Dolloff Bernardo
Our dog Rocky LOVES this place! It took him a while to realize that we were always going to come back for him (he was a rescue, and we started bringing him here for socialization not long after he came to live with us). Now, he recognizes the phrase “doggy daycare”, pulls on his leash to get inside, and doesn’t even look back at us when we drop him off! He’s so excited to go play! The staff are all nice and he’s always happy to see them. We also get his nails cut here, which is very convenient, and they do a good job.

Ashley Fandrich
They do an amazing job, and really show an interest in each individual dog and different needs they may have. I feel very comfortable leaving my small senior pug (with severe separation anxiety) at this location. Even though she’s more interested in socializing with humans than she is with dogs, she really adjusts well and seems to have bonded with her human friends there. She can get upset as I drive her over early in the morning (knowing this likely means I’ll be away in Boston for 12 hours) but the second she walks inside and is greeted by the staff, I can see she is comforted immediately and she always has a pleasant experience. My Grandma also sends her 80 pound, playful, independent dog here. One mention of going to daycare and he will knock down the door and drag us through the parking lot in a rush to play immediately. I really like how they group the dog based on individual needs and personality, because the two dogs in our family could not be more different, but they are both cared for as well as possible at the same location.

Carol Gregoire Gale Giglio
I brought angel to pad for her first day there she was very happy and very tied she played all day the staff is very friendly and very helpful. When I picked up angel they had a 1st day report card which was nice. Angel lives going there she runs to the door when we get there. The hours. Are perfect for us. I recommend them. Keep up the great job.

Karen Lang
Thank you all at play all day for taking great care of Bailey Poo for our 11 day vacation. You guys are the best!! We are so fortunate to have such a great place to leave him knowing he will receive the best care. Seeing photos of him throughout our vacation was awesome. THANK YOU!

Krissy Caswell
Cheyenne and I both love it here! She is always such a happy girl after playing all day and the staff are all great and super friendly would recommend it to anyone!

Megan McLaughlin
I adopted a little dachshund from the shelter and he has separation anxiety when he’s away from people so I decided to try daycare back in August to see if he could be with other dogs and not have anxiety and he absolutely LOVES play all day! He comes home and immediately crashes, the staff is great and I love how well they take care of my little bobo 🙂 <3 I'd recommend this place to anyone!!

Emily Sheridan
Hands down the best daycare ever. Bella literally jumps out of the car and runs to the door. I know I don’t have to worry for a second. Absolutely love this place and staff. I’ve never felt more comfortable leaving my fur baby for the day

Katelin Alison
Awesome place! we bring our 9 month old lab Eko here and he LOVES it! They remembered who he was the second time we brought him in and every time since. The staff is great and really make it easy. I would recommend them to anyone! And our pup is completely exhausted when he comes home which is excellent for everyone involved 🙂

Kimberly Sweet Cardona
Carlos absolutely loves Play All Day and I couldn’t be happier with the friendliness of the staff and caring attitude to our loved ones! I feel so at peace when I am working knowing my baby is having fun and being looked after at a place where everyone is compassionate!