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    All dogs must be spayed or neutered by 6 months old. They can start prior to that.
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  • I hereby release PLAY ALL DAY, LLC (PAD), its agents, officers, subcontractors, employees, animal parents, customers and potential customers of PAD from any and all liabilities for injuries to myself, my dog(s) or any other property of mine which arise in any way out of services and/or products provided by or as a consequence of my association with PAD. I acknowledge and understand that every dog reacts differently and that animals, by nature are unpredictable. Dogs and animals may, without warning, bite or cause injury to humans and other dogs. I acknowledge and understand that there are certain risks involved in participating in daycare, including but not limited to dog fights, dog bites to humans and to other dogs, and the transmission of disease. Please read and sign below that you understand and agree:
    • Dogs not familiar with PAD may experience separation anxiety when apart from their human companions.
    • Dogs not regularly exposed to the level of activity at PAD may experience sore muscles, joints, and fatigue.
    • Dogs not regularly exposed to outside activity or play on hard surfaces may experience sore paws, blisters, bruises or abrasions on the feet (Raw Paw).
    • Dogs attending daycare may get dirty. Dogs with longer hair can get matted from the level of activity at daycare. Bath, brush-outs, and grooms may be requested and scheduled during regular business hours.
    • Dogs not regularly socialized do not necessarily know how to behave politely with other dogs. These dogs are at higher risk of incidents (bites, fights, fear aggression, object guarding, and/or behavioral problems).
    • Excessively long toenails may cause injury. You will be notified if your dogs’ nails are too long. If at your next visit, the nails have not been trimmed, PAD will have them trimmed at your expense. Nail trims can also be scheduled during regular business hours.
    • I understand the extra risks my dog(s) has/have of contracting disease/illness at daycare with or without being fully vaccinated.
    • Water is available at all times; however your dog may still be thirsty after daycare. Be aware of their water intake as excessive amounts may cause upset stomach or other problems.
    • Any behavior deemed dangerous or inappropriate by PAD may result in dismissal from the program.
    • Dramatic changes in food and/or food quality may cause upset stomach, diarrhea, and/or Colitis.
    • I agree to pay for all services due at the time they are rendered. I understand any unpaid fees by me will be sent to collections and I will be responsible for all collections and legal fees incurred by such actions taken.
    • I certify that my dog(s) is/are in good health and has/have not been ill with any communicable disease within the last 30 days.
    • I understand and agree that in admitting my dog(s) into PAD, PAD has relied on my representation that my dog(s) have not harmed or shown aggressive or threatening behavior towards any person or dog.
    • I understand PAD staff gives all pets involved in any type of incident a thorough examination; however PAD is not liable for the location, treatment, or diagnosis of any injuries incurred on our premises. It is recommended you check your dog further or seek treatment from your licensed veterinarian at your discretion and cost.
  • I have read and understand the PAD “Rules & Regulations”.