Play All Day Doggy Daycare

Frequently asked questions

Doggy Daycare

Is there an age limit to attend daycare?
NO. There is no age limit to attend Play All Day Doggy Daycare. We have play groups for all ages from puppies to senior citizens.

What breeds CANNOT attend daycare?
We do not currently have breed restrictions.

Will my dog be safe and get quality playtime?
YES. All dogs will go through a day-long evaluation to determine their temperament and overall demeanor towards other dogs and new people. This will allow us to customize your dog’s daily activities to ensure a great experience.

Will my dog be fed meals while at daycare?
We are happy to feed your pup if he or she requires a meal or treats while playing with us. We do ask that you provide the food.

What if I have a special needs dog?
If your pet is categorized as a special needs pet, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Whether it’s the administration of medication, senior citizen dogs, or behavioral obstacles, we will work with you to customize a plan that will best suit you and your pup.

Can I have a tour of the facility?
Yes. Tours are available upon request and simply need to be scheduled in advance for staffing reasons. Feel free to call and schedule your tour at any of our five locations.

How are dogs corrected for undesirable behavior?
We use several methods to stop undesirable behavior in the daycare such as mounting, barking, jumping and escalating rough play. Some of these methods include body blocking, verbal redirecting, giving timeouts, using a leash, and spray bottles. These methods are all used as a deterrent to inappropriate behavior. We do not discipline or punish our dogs. Our corrections are simply used to redirect potentially dangerous, harmful or undesirable behaviors. We do NOT use physically corrections such as grabbing a dog by the scruff, rolling them on their back or pinning them on the ground. We also do NOT use bark collars, e collars or citronella collars.

Dog Boarding (Overnight)

Is there staff on site for overnight boarding?
Yes, there is a staff member on site at all times to care for your dog.

Is there an extra charge for daycare while my dog is boarding?
Our nightly boarding rate includes daycare so your pup can play all day with the other dogs while he stays with us. There is no extra charge if you pick up before 9:00am on the day of departure. If you pick up between 9:00am and 12:00pm a half day charge will apply. If you pick up after 12:00pm there will be a full day charge.

Do I need to make a reservation for boarding?
YES. We require that you contact us at least 24 hours in advance to ensure that we have a cabin reserved for your pup. Holidays and Weekends may require more notice as we fill up quickly. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have an emergency or last minute situation, as we may be able to accommodate you.

Does my dog have access to water overnight?
Traditionally we do not put water in the cabins with dogs overnight. The dogs have access to water all day and water is pulled at bedtime for several reasons. We want to avoid an uncomfortable night with a full bladder, an accident as a result of a full bladder and or an accidental spill of a bowl of water. This practice ensures a comfortable dry nights sleep. We do leave water out for dogs who have medical issues or request it. If you would like your dogs to get water overnight please let our staff know at the time you check in!

Testimonials from our pet parents

I can’t say enough great things about Play All Day Exeter! Our puppy was on the shy side when she first started going and now she literally runs for the door with excitement! She comes back home tired (thank goodness!!), clean and happy. Thanks for all you guys do for our Targhee!!!

Liz Errico

Our energetic boxer loves day care and has boarded here several times. They staff has all been wonderful and Ax is well taken care of. Love that they take the time to post pictures daily too.

Keri MacLennan