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Play All Day Doggy Daycare

Crate-free daycare

Available at:
Exeter, NH
Hampton, NH
Portsmouth, NH
Salisbury, MA

​All dogs need exercise!

Lots of exercise! Of course, we all need to work full time and this limits the exercise your pet receives drastically. It can be overwhelming to come home after a long day of work and be greeted by an energized and ready to romp furry friend.

For most of us, this part of the day is a time to unwind and not a time to go for a long walk or a trip to the park. With dinner to be made and homework to be done, who has time for hours of play with Rover? WE DO! There is nothing better than coming home and having Rover be as eager to relax as you are. Ready to snuggle and sleepy from a day of fun and you don’t have to worry about squeezing in a rushed and unpleasant attempt at getting Rover out to burn off energy.

But exercise isn’t the only reason to bring your dog to our facility. Socialization is also very important for dogs. A well socialized dog will make your and their lives easier. Whether you have guests in your home or another dog at the park, you can count on a positive reaction from your furry friend. No need to avoid situations that would make both of you uncomfortable.

Play All Day Doggy Daycare provides well balanced, healthy, happy dogs, and peace of mind for you.

*We offer both full and half day rates for your convenience.

Our crate-free doggy daycare

Testimonials from our pet parents

This place is the best! They are so friendly, and they truly love your dog! They pay attention to all of the important details. When you walk in the door, they are excited to see you and they know exactly who you are picking up to take home from the daycare. They have a wonderful personal touch, they love what they do, and it shows! They impress me because they take the time to know all of the traits and behaviors of your dog. I’m a very picky dog mom, and this place is great for us! I’d recommend them to everyone. My pug loves it here!

Jennifer Cornell

Customer service is extremely important to me, especially when it comes to caring for my family members, and that is why my English Bulldog puppy, Oswald, is going to PAD Exeter on a regular basis now. From day one they were great, even on a personal level. When I picked him up from his first day there they had a “first day report card” all filled out! Stating who his “best friends” were and how he adapted to his surroundings. It was so cute I wanted to cry!!!! He’s my baby and I have no doubt in my mind and no worries at all when I drop him off here in the morning.

Courtney Boyce